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5 Hobbies for Kids You May Not Have Considered

Introducing your children to new hobbies each year can help them discover their true passion and keep them well-rounded. Even after your child finds a specific hobby they enjoy, it’s still beneficial to introduce them to new fun hobbies over time. You never know what fun things your child will enjoy doing until they’ve tried them all!

You most likely know about a few afterschool hobbies for your child to try. You may have even signed them up for a few, but there are many hobbies for kids that you might not know about. In the guide below, we’ll discuss some of the best kids’ hobbies you may not have already considered. 

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1. Nature Walks 

Nature provides a plethora of wonderful hobbies for people to enjoy. Take your child to a nearby park or nature trail and complete a nature walk. Some nature parks offer a variety of trails to choose from. 

You can start by selecting the trail with the shortest distance to see how your child likes it. While on your nature walk, you can play fun games to encourage your child to learn more about their environment. For example, consider creating a point system for different critters and creatures found along the trail. 

The person who spots the most critters or has the most points at the end wins the game! You can also bring along bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other fun sporting equipment if walking isn’t thrilling enough. The great thing about nature walks is that they’re an excellent way to bring the entire family together. 

You don’t even have to travel to take a nature walk either. Sometimes, a walk around the block or neighborhood is enough to spot lots of fun wildlife. When something unusual is spotted, be sure to take out your camera and smartphone to research what it is. 

You’ll learn something new each time!

2. Helping in the Garden

Gardening has a positive effect on mental health. Gardening can reduce depression and anxiety, plus it’s awesome to watch the plants grow! Although doing yardwork might not seem like something your child would be interested in, gardening is so much fun they might not even know they’re working. 

Instead of making it a chore, turn it into something fun. Ask your child if they’d like to help you select seeds or young plants to plant in the garden. Your child will get excited about watering them each day and watching them grow bigger and bigger until fully bloomed. 

Having plants in your garden that have jobs can also be exciting for children. For example, aloe plants are great for burns and children will enjoy cutting the leaves off as needed. Herbs and crops that you use to cook with will also be fun for children to watch grow and then harvest. 

3. Creating Origami 

Creating origami is a great hobby for children who like to keep their hands busy and have a knack for building things. There are different levels of origami, so your child can start with beginner creations like animals. As they become better at creating different objects, they can then move on to more challenging shapes. 

This is a great way to keep your child’s wheels turning. If you’re unsure of what shapes to make or how to teach your child the different shapes, then don’t panic. There are many great books on origami that are geared towards children. 

They explain how to make different shapes in a way that’s easy for children to understand. You can also consider signing your child up for an online origami class!

4. Caring For Animals

Many young children enjoy spending time with various animals. Caring for animals teaches your child empathy and compassion. It also teaches them a great amount of responsibility. 

If you don’t have animals in your home, then you can still teach your child about animal care by having them volunteer at local farms or animal shelters. You might be surprised by how much they enjoy helping out. They can learn how to feed, groom, and love animals of all kinds.

Working on the farm is a lot of hard work and takes dedication. It’s a great way to teach them hard work and reward. 

5. Dancing

Dancing is another great hobby for your child to try. Dance classes welcome both boys and girls who are interested in learning. There are also many different styles of dance including jazz, ballet, hip-hop, musical theater, and more! 

Erinvale dance school offers a variety of classes with teachers with expertise in all different levels. Your child can start out by trying one type of class at the beginner level. If it’s not the right fit for them, then you can sign them up for a different style of dance until they find something they enjoy. 

As they become more experienced, they can advance to the more difficult levels. It’s also a great idea to have your child watch a few different dance classes to help them decide which type of dance they’d enjoy best.

The Number of Hobbies For Kids to Try Is Endless

There are many great hobbies for kids. The more hobbies you introduce them to, the more chances they have of finding and learning a new interest. Use all of the helpful information listed in the guide above to give you the jumpstart you need to find a few new children’s hobbies for your little one.

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How to launch a successful eLearning business in 2021

Online learning is booming.

As people increasingly turn to the internet to solve a variety of problems, e-learning has emerged as a viable path towards self-improvement.

For entrepreneurs and subject matter experts, the rise in e-learning presents a huge opportunity. Not just to make money, but to grow a loyal audience of followers who get tangible gains from attending virtual classes.

But how does one actually start an e-learning business?

We won’t lie, it’s not something we’d describe as “easy,” but if there’s a demand for your brand of expertise, it’s definitely something worth doing.

Here’s how.

What is an eLearning business?

An e-learning business is an online platform where expertise and eagerness to learn collide. 

Whether it’s run by a solo entrepreneur selling individual courses or an enterprise offering digital training programs, the key focus of an e-learning business is empowering students with actionable skills or niche-specific knowledge.

That’s what makes e-learning so compelling: In a world where someone can easily waste hours online, e-learning enables people to build their skill sets in ways that can improve their lives — and increase their earning potential — all from the comfort of their own homes.

For the owners of these businesses, e-learning can be very profitable. According to estimates from Research and Markets, the online education market will reach $325B by 2025.

That estimate pre-dates COVID, which means online learning isn’t a fad — it’s a viable way for subject matter experts to capitalize on their knowledge and make money while doing it.

3 types of eLearning business models

Turning your expertise into a profitable e-learning business usually starts with choosing the most appropriate business model. Here are the three most common business models in e-learning:

Night school model: One-time fees.

The ‘night school model’ is a classic approach where learners pay a one-time fee to access individual courses.

Whether learners buy access or rent it, the night school model works best when you have a large audience — and when you can produce a steady stream of specialized, standalone content that teaches learners one topic or skill.

Also known as transactional video on demand (TVOD), this business model offers instructors and teachers a few advantages:

  • Attract new and repeat customers with exclusive, timely content on an ongoing basis.
  • Maximize and speed profits with different prices for single videos, video series, or full-length features.
  • Expand your audience by allowing potential learners to purchase or rent content.

In terms of drawbacks, here are some worth considering:

  • No guarantee of recurring revenue: One-off fees mean there’s no telling whether someone who purchased a course from you ever will again.
  • Labor intensive: You’ll need to keep creating new courses to attract new customers and engage existing ones. You’ll also need to market those courses/your e-learning business.
  • Potentially costly: Unless you already have a large audience, marketing and promoting your courses will likely require a healthy budget.

Academy model: Subscriptions.

The academy or subscription-based model enables instructors to forge profitable long-term relationships with learners.

In exchange for a monthly subscription fee, learners receive ongoing access to your entire library of course content, which typically includes course material, videos, and other educational perks.

Unlike the night school or TVOD model where learners pay for discrete lessons, the academy model functions more like a virtual school. People willing to pay on an ongoing basis generally want to solve a range of related problems rather than an isolated one.

This makes the academy model an ideal choice for any instructor whose subject matter expertise covers an array of topics. Fitness courses are a prime example.

In the world of video streaming, the academy model is akin to subscription video on demand (SVOD). For instructors, this model carries several benefits:

  • Creates an ongoing revenue stream that becomes stable income.
  • Engages your audience and nurtures them into loyal customers.
  • Attracts new subscribers with exclusive “subscriber-only” content.

While the benefits of SVOD are undeniable, there are a few limitations to this model worth considering:

  • Not immediately profitable: In the early stages of your e-learning enterprise, an academy of SVOD model will not produce high profits. That comes once you’ve gained an ample subscriber base.
  • Demands consistent, ongoing value: To prevent the outcome every subscription-based business dreads — customer churn — an e-learning business must regularly produce content worth sticking around for.
  • Greater technology needs: You’ll need an advanced or more sophisticated platform to attract and manage subscriptions (and handle your video on demand (VOD) streaming needs).

Combined model: Subscriptions and add-on fees.

As its name suggests, the combined model is one where learners have the option of paying both one-off fees and maintaining a monthly subscription. Why would anyone want to do this?

Usually, because the offerings are that good. For businesses like Amazon Prime Video and Google Play, the TVOD (or night school) model works best as a supplement to an SVOD (or academy) strategy.

For teachers and instructors, combining TVOD and SVOD could mean offering private or extra classes on top of subscription-based ones. No matter how it plays out, the subscription is the base offering, while any one-off purchases function like “bonuses” people are willing to pay for.

How to start an e-learning business

What’s the best way to start an e-learning business? Like many big questions, there’s no quick or simple answer — but you’ll need some content ready before you can launch.

Before you can create content, though, make sure you tackle the following:

Identify your audience

Knowing your audience is one of the core principles of sales and marketing. Without a clear idea of who you’re selling to and why they might need your courses, attracting the right people will be much harder than it needs to be.

The solution? Develop a buyer persona to help guide your decision-making. To do it, look to your existing audience to help answer questions like:

  • Who are you selling to?
  • What problems or challenges are they trying to overcome?
  • What skills or key learnings should they walk away with?
  • What topic(s) does your e-learning business specialize in?
  • How can you test their proficiency after completing a course?

Building a buyer persona (or customer avatar) based on these and other questions will yield different results based on your niche. Use the answers to inform everything related to your e-learning business, from curriculum development to pricing (and don’t be afraid to course-correct if any of your assumptions prove false).

Establish a curriculum

Now it’s time to apply that knowledge of your ideal customer to course and curriculum design. Should you build a series or a bunch of standalone videos? What will each course look like? What format should the videos be in? Are there different learning tracks for different students?

To design an educational experience that delivers true value to learners, start by drafting a list of relevant audience challenges.

Then make sure the lessons you create are actionable. For example, if you were creating a curriculum around becoming a freelancer, you might break your expertise into the following lessons:

  • Getting clients: How to write cold emails that convert.
  • Keeping clients: How to handle 27 common client scenarios.
  • Money matters: The complete guide to setting and raising rates.

Strive to develop lessons that speak directly to the challenges your audience needs help with — the goal is to help learners take action and achieve measurable results that they can attribute to what they learned from your courses.

Remember, the most successful online courses solve a specific problem for a specific audience

to achieve a specific result.

Choose an eLearning platform

There’s no shortage of e-learning platforms on the market, but the best one will depend on your unique business needs.

For instance, if you’re looking for a relatively simple way to host and sell courses, a platform like Teachable might be a good fit — but if you’re looking for more flexibility, customization, and control, platforms like this are likely to fall short of your expectations.

With a video monetization or OTT platform, teachers and instructors can:

  • Build branded channels and apps. 
  • Create high-quality viewing experiences.
  • Stream content wherever their audiences are — including live streaming.
  • Easily monetize content and process payments.
  • Manage content and digital rights at any scale.
  • Measure success with in-depth analytics. 

An OTT platform will also enable instructors to use a combined model of TVOD and SVOD to ensure their offerings yield immediate and long-term profits.

Set your price

While your content matters the most, pricing your e-learning courses is arguably the second most important part of starting an online learning business.

If your pricing is too high, you could alienate potential customers. If your pricing is too low, you may create doubts about value. 

Here’s an easier way to approach pricing: Define your sales goal and let that shape your strategy.

  • If you want to maximize the total number of sales, make your course affordable enough that the right people won’t be able to resist. Research competitors in your niche to find the sweet spot.
  • If you want to maximize revenue, make sure it’s worth it. Pack your course with enough value to warrant premium pricing and prepare to deliver first-class treatment. People who spend upwards of $1,000 for an online course expect one-on-one time.
  • If you want to generate leads, give something away for free. Quick profits aren’t always the right goal, and you can always market other products to your students once they’ve completed the course.

Pricing will vary somewhat depending on your niche, so note the costs of similar offerings to confirm what constitutes high and low. Generally, instructional content comes with the widest range in price points, from $7.99/month to $19.99/month.

Market your business

Designing a killer e-learning program isn’t enough. To grow your customer base, you’ll also need to make strategic decisions about marketing and promoting the business.

This is where many people drop the ball. They either market haphazardly as they go, or they expect potential customers to find them without ensuring their courses are easily discoverable.

If either of these situations describes you, forget the “if you build it, they will come” mindset. The internet is a busy place packed with distractions. Standing out will require thinking ahead and addressing the following challenges:

  • What will the marketing funnel look like? How will potential customers enter your funnel or discover your offerings? How will you advance them through the funnel and get them to make a purchase or buy a subscription?
  • Which channels will you use to promote your services? This will depend a lot on your niche. Figure out which channels are most likely to resonate with your audience and your course offerings.

Starting an eLearning business isn’t easy.

But it’s one of the best things teachers and instructors can do to drive lasting revenue while sharing their expertise. There’s also never been a better time to start an e-learning business. If you already have educational content on YouTube, consider monetizing it with an OTT platform today. 

Are you thinking about starting an e-learning business? Learn how Vimeo OTT can help you get started.

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Why Did Becca, Garrett Break Up? ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 14 Split Reason

With her return to Bachelor Nation, fans want to know: why did Becca and Garrett break up after The Bachelorette season 14 and who did she end up with on Bachelor in Paradise season 7?

Becca is one of 30-plus contestants on Bachelor in Paradise season 7, which premiered in August. The show, a spinoff of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, follows contestants from past seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette as they look for a second chance at love. Bachelor in Paradise season 7—which is the first season to air since season 6 two years ago due to the current health crisis—was filmed over the course of three weeks in June at the Playa Escondida Resort in Sayulita, a town in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico. The resort is the same location Bachelor in Paradise has filmed at since season 2.

Becca’s time on Bachelor in Paradise came a year after her split from Garrett, her winner from The Bachelorette season 14. So…why did Becca and Garrett break up after The Bachelorette season 14 and who did she end up with on Bachelor in Paradise season 7? (She’s the first former Bachelor or Bachelorette to be on Bachelor in Paradise after their season aired.) We answer all those questions ahead.

What was Becca and Garrett’s relationship like on The Bachelorette?

The Bachelorette

Photo: ABC/Paul Hebert.

Becca Kufrin, a 31-year-old publicist from Benson, Minnesota, was a contestant on The Bachelor season 22 with Arie Luyendyk Jr. She was the winner and got engaged to Arie at the Final Rose Ceremony. However, months after their engagement, Arie broke up with Becca on camera and reunited with his runner-up, Lauren Burnham, whom he married in 2019 and shares three kids with.

After her breakup with Arie, Becca became the season 14 Bachelorette. During the finale her Bachelorette season, she gave her final rose to Garrett Yrigoyen, a 32-year-old medical sales representative from Reno, Nevada, and the two got engaged. During the season, Garrett came under fire after screenshots showed that he had liked a series of offensive Instagram posts, which mocked undocumented immigrants, the trans community, liberal feminists, and Parkland, Florida, shooting survivor David Hogg. The posts he liked expressed views that contrasted those of Becca, who supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election and the Women’s March. During the “After the Final Rose” special, Becca and Garrett addressed his social media behavior.

“The Instagram situation, I don’t condone that and I know that he stands by his apology and he feels so bad for everyone that he did offend,” Becca said at the time. “He didn’t mean it. But I just want to move forward, to learn and to grow and continue to educate ourselves. That’s all that you can ask for in another person is that somebody who recognizes if they make a mistake and do something wrong and to want to learn and grow from it, and that’s what he showed me.”

Garrett, for his part, confessed that he thought he could lose Becca from the posts. “I was really worried about it, that I might lose her from that, but I knew she knew who I was as a person,” he said.  “I was a better person than I was presenting on social media. She knows I didn’t mean to hurt or offend anyone.” He continued, “I’m just trying to grow as a person and be a better person on a daily basis. She’s helping me through everything. We’ve been honest and open and transparent with one another since the beginning and when that all came out we attacked it because I feel like when I was liking things, it was going against things she stands for and that made it really hard on us as a couple. So when we started talking about that, we got through that together and we’re growing, we’re progressing and we’re moving forward.”

In 2019, a year after The Bachelorette season 14 finale,  Becca and Garrett moved into an apartment together in San Diego, California, and adopted a dog. “It’s been a change! Because I’ve never lived anywhere other than Minnesota and I’ve never lived with a partner before,” Becca told People at the time. “I was very independent and used to living on my own, so it’s been different to adapt to someone else’s lifestyle.” She continued, “Garrett and I are just completely different in everything. I’m very organized and so when I come home, I like to put everything in a proper place and put it away, so you don’t see it.”

Why did Becca and Garrett break up after The Bachelorette?

September 2020, Becca announced that she and Garrett had broken up after two years together. “I don’t think it’s going to come as a shock to anyone, but Garrett and I have decided to end our engagement,” she said on an episode of her podcast, “Bachelor Happy Hour,” at the time. “After many conversations, we came to this decision. It wasn’t something that we just arrived at one night. It wasn’t based solely off of one Instagram post or somebody else’s opinions or comments. There’s much more to it. To any relationship, there’s a lot of layers, and it’s not for me to divulge details. It’s no one’s business other than what I’m telling you right now.”

So why did Becca and Garrett break up after The Bachelorette?  Becca’s split announcement came after months of speculation that she and Garrett had ended their engagement. In an episode of “Bachelor Happy Hour” in June 2020, Becca revealed that she was unsure of where her and Garrett’s relationship was after he posted an Instagram photo of a thin blue line, which symbolized his support of the police, amid the Black Lives Matter movement and protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

“I want to say to our listeners out there—because I’m sure many will hear this back and wonder and ask and have opinions—for those who are curious about my relationship with Garrett at this point, all I can say right now is I don’t know,” Becca said at the time. “I can’t give anything more than that. It’s something that we are trying to work through and discuss and do work on at home at this time and that’s where the work will remain and that’s really the best I can give you at this point.”

Rachel Lindsay, the season 13 Bachelorette and Becca’s “Bachelor Happy Hour” cohost, slammed Garrett at the time for his support of the police. “He has doubled down on his beliefs,” Rachel said before referencing Garrett’s past social media likes that were exposed on Becca’s Bachelorette season. “This is not the first time he has had problematic behavior. When he was on his season, he had a history of ‘liking’ things that were racist, sexist, homophobic, calling the Parkland students ‘child actors.’ I mean, it was a lot. So, this is who this man is, and he’s a piece of shit.”

In an interview with Insider in January 2021, Becca revealed that the Black Lives Matter movement forced her and Garrett to talk about topics they hadn’t discussed before. “I’ve just really reined in what’s simply acceptable to me and what’s not,” she said. She continued, “When the pandemic hit and George Floyd was murdered that we started really having different types of conversations that we weren’t necessarily having before.”

Becca revealed that she and Garrett didn’t split over his Blue Lives Matter post, but it did start a conversation about their future. “I was like…what’s important to me? What’s important to him?” she said. “Are we going to be able to make a lasting relationship for a lifetime off of our differences?” She continued, “How are we going to raise kids? What kinds of conversations do we want to be having with those children? Can I still stay in this relationship and live with myself and feel that it’s the right decision for me and my future children?”

Garrett, for his part, hasn’t commented on his breakup with Becca, but he did respond to a fan on his Instagram Story in March 2021, explaining why he wants to move on from the Bachelor franchise. “I constantly get asked this question,” Garrett responded to a fan who asked why he and Becca broke up. “I know most of my supporters are viewers of the show and are the main base of my platform. I understand everyone wanting to know what exactly happened because you feel so invested into our lives and relationships. I truly don’t want to be known for the show. It’s not what defines me or my character.”

He continued, “I recognize everything going on TV has done for me, and I have no regrets about any of it. But I’m here now, chasing my dreams and goals and continuing to build on what I’d want to be remembered as. So out of respect to her and her family, I’m only going to answer this question ever as, it just didn’t work out.”

Who is Becca dating after The Bachelorette?


Image: Courtesy of ABC.

So…who is Becca dating after The Bachelorette? Becca became the first former Bachelor or Bachelorette to star on Bachelor in Paradise when she joined season 7 in August 2021. (Though season 21 Bachelor Nick Viall and season 23 Bachelor Colton Underwood have been on Bachelor in Paradise, they weren’t Bachelors until after their BiP seasons.) Becca joined Bachelor in Paradise season 7 in episode 4 and dated Thomas Jacobs, a contestant from The Bachelorette season 17 with Katie Thurston, for most of the season, according to Reality Steve. Before Fantasy Suites, Becca broke up with Thomas, according to Reality Steve, and they left Bachelor in Paradise single. However, Reality Steve reported that Becca and Thomas got back together after Bachelor in Paradise ended, and are still together as of August 2021.

Before Bachelor in Paradise season 7, there was hope that Becca would get back together with Blake Horstmann, the runner-up from her Bachelorette season. Blake revealed on the “Reality Life With Kate Casey” podcast in August 2021 that he and Becca talked before her Bachelor in Paradise season. “We did kind of chat here and there, and we were back in touch within the last, like, six months,” he said at the time. “It kind of came down to if she was going to do Paradise or not.”

He revealed that his feelings for Becca came back after her breakup with Garrett. “I always thought they would never break up. So like, I completely put her out of my head. It was never something, like, ‘When they break up …’ because I never thought they would,” he said.  “When they did, it was, like, this weird thing of, ‘Well, I wonder if there’s anything still there?’”

He continued, “I would be willing to talk, of course. But we’ll see how Paradise works out because she’s going to Paradise. And I don’t know, that show can change you and those producers get a hold of you. The show doesn’t like me, the show doesn’t want to see us together. She has, like, the ABC podcast [“Bachelor Happy Hour”]. That’s kind of her thing. She is very much involved in that show. We’ll see.”

In an interview on the “Click Bait” podcast in August 2021, Becca responded to Blake’s claim that the Bachelor franchise doesn’t want her and Blake to get back together. “Blake and I have always been friends. We’ve always been supportive of one another,” she said. “In terms of the ‘talking,’ yeah, we’ve been in touch very sporadically, but nothing that I would say would warrant … a potential relationship.”

She continued, “At the end of the day, like, we’re two grown adults that make our own decisions. If we’re not together, then … it’s because we chose not to be together. It can’t be put on anyone else.”

Who is Garrett dating after The Bachelorette?

So…who is Garrett dating after The Bachelorette? In November 2020, Garrett went Instagram official with his girlfriend, Alex Farrar, a yoga instructor from San Diego, California, where Garrett lived with Becca before their breakup. Alex completed her yoga training in 2020 after six years of practicing and graduated from the University of Arizona in 2014, according to Us Weekly. She is three years younger than Garrett.

In an Instagram Story in March 2020, Garrett confirmed that he was dating someone new. “I met an incredible person who supports me and my goals and makes me very happy,” he said. He continued, “Life is too short to dwindle. There’s amazing people out there and if you pour everything into one and it doesn’t work out, then it wasn’t meant to be.”

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC. Here’s how to watch it for free.

Image: Courtesy of Penguin Books.

To get more of an inside scoop, check out Los Angeles Times writer Amy Kaufman’s book, Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of America’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure, for a deep dive into the Bachelor franchise. The book uncovers the secrets of Bachelor Nation, from how much the Bachelor and the Bachelorette are paid to the rules contestants have to follow, that producers don’t want fans to know. It’s a must-read for any Bachelor Nation member.

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The Crown omitted one of the royal family’s most controversial moments from the series

  • Marie Claire is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

  • The world is awaiting The Crown season five, with the highly anticipated Netflix instalment set to be the most dramatic yet.

    The fourth season saw its star-studded second cast make their final appearances, from Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth and Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret to Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip.

    It was the storyline around Josh O’Connor, The Crown’s Prince Charles, however that got everyone talking the most.

    Yes, the most anticipated storyline from season four featured Josh O’Connor (Prince Charles), Emerald Fennel (Camilla Parker-Bowles) and Emma Corrin (Princess Diana), acting out the highly publicised and very controversial affair.

    In an interview however, Josh O’Connor admitted that one of the controversial storylines had been cut from the series. The plot in question? The leaked phone call between Prince Charles and Camilla during their affair, where they infamously discussed her tampon.

    ‘When they offered me the role, one of my first questions was — I say questions, I think it was pretty much a statement — “We are not doing the tampon phone call.”’

    He continued: ‘Pre-The Crown, I’ve made many independent films, many television shows where there’s a lot of nudity, a lot of slightly dodgy characters, and this was my one chance for my parents to see something with no shame and there’s no way I was going to scuttle that by talking about tampons on Netflix.’

    So there we have it, no ‘tampongate’ in The Crown.

    This comes after the news that Prince Charles’ staff are ‘paranoid’ about how The Crown will portray the affair, and the effect it could have on his popularity.

    ‘Charles’s staff are deeply paranoid about The Crown,’ a source reportedly told The Sun last year. ‘They are trying to make him a popular king-in-waiting.’

    The source continued: ‘But the next few seasons are going to be increasingly focused on the Prince of Wales’s behaviour, especially around his marriage to Diana and affair with Camilla. The timing couldn’t be any more disastrous in terms of Charles’s bid for popularity.’

    Season five is set to be released in 2022.

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    Is a Small Wedding an Elopement?

    Are you planning for the perfect wedding but trying to keep it small, intimate, and more affordable? You might see a lot of different terms being thrown around from small wedding to elopement, and feel unsure about the difference. Knowing some of the wedding terminologies can help you prepare and know what you’re purchasing if you choose to get a prepaid package.

    Your wedding is an incredibly special day. Choosing how you want to celebrate and with who is a big part of the process. Both elopements and small weddings have a lot to offer while not breaking the bank.

    Your Choice

    The most important part about a wedding is the people actually getting married. This isn’t about the guests or the cake or the place but about expressing your love and celebrate a moment you’ve moved toward from the beginning of your relationship. When deciding what kind of wedding you have, think about what you want.

    Don’t worry about the guest list or the food right away. Focus on the type of ceremony you would find most meaningful. Maybe those ideas look like small wedding ideas, or they look like an elopement.


    An elopement typically brings to mind a secret ceremony that occurs suddenly and spontaneously. What really separates it from a wedding is that it is generally more private, with only a couple of guests or none at all, and it is only the ceremony. An elopement is done once the ceremony is done. 

    You don’t have to plan for a dance floor, multiple venues, a rehearsal dinner, or anything else. It can be a very simple and beautiful way to celebrate. It is also much more cost-effective than a big wedding.

    And if you want to have an elopement that still feels more like a small wedding with photography and a beautiful location, you can find packages like at where it’s affordable and still beautiful and intimate.

    Small Wedding 

    A small wedding mostly differs from a regular wedding because of the guest list size. It brings with it some of the fun of planning without all the costs. There are tons of great small wedding ideas or bigger wedding ideas that can be simplified.

    You can still look at small wedding venues and small wedding cakes, but the size and scope of the day are up to you. You can plan a small reception or keep it simple and casual. The main thing to consider is the guest list.

    An elopement has the advantage of having possibly no guests so no one feels left out. With a small wedding, you may have some people wondering why they weren’t invited, but it can be easier to only have family around for your big moment.  

    Your Day

    Whatever you choose, be it a big wedding, going small, or being a little sneaky with an elopement, make sure it’s the ceremony and day you want. No matter the wedding style, it’s about celebrating love and you can do that any way that suits you and your relationship. And a small wedding or elopement is just as valid as a big grand affair with a ballroom and three-course meal.

    It’s your wedding and your marriage, so don’t worry and have fun. And if you found this helpful in planning your big day at any size, keep reading for more great tips.

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    ‘WandaVision’ Halloween Costume Ideas 2021: Scarlet Witch, Vision Outfits

    Scroll To See More Images

    You may be a fan of Scarlet Witch. You may be a fan of just her outfit. You may be a fan of both. Regardless, WandaVision Halloween costumes will be everywhere this year, and here’s how to recreate the most memorable looks from the show.

    WandaVision, which starred Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch a.k.a. Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany as Vision, premiered in January 2021 on Disney+. The series, which was the first Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show for Disney+, followed Wanda and Vision’s lives in the idyllic suburban town of Westview, New Jersey, as they discovered the dark secret hidden under the community’s perfect exterior.

    The show, which was nominated for 23 awards at the 2021 Emmys, was also known for its costumes, especially the tongue-and-cheek Halloween costumes Wanda and Vision wore in episode 6, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!,” which followed the couple and their kids, Billy and Tommy, on a mysterious Halloween. For the episode, both Wanda and Vision wore costumes modeled after the looks worn by the Marvel comic counterparts.

    In an interview with Elle in February 2021, Tricia Sawyer, the head of WandaVision‘s makeup department, explained how the show made sure its looks were accurate to the Marvel comics. “We pulled all the images from the comic when she was in that traditional costume and went off that,” she said. “And then found a red lipstick that would work with that look and also with Lizzie’s skin tones.”

    WandaVision‘s costume designer, Mayes C. Rubeo, told Variety in June 2021, that the show wanted Wanda to look more “mature” and “weathered from past Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Every designer that works on a new Marvel project tries to bring something else to the character, and we wanted a more mature, more weathered Wanda Maximoff,” Rubeo said. “She has gone through so much — this show is about grieving — and we wanted the costume to reflect that. It shows less flesh; we didn’t do any crazy corset or tights; we wanted to elevate this character and give her well-deserved recognition as an amazing superhero.”

    Rubeo also revealed that it was Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s idea for Wanda and Vision to dress in their comic book costumes for Halloween. “It was Kevin Feige’s idea to go back to the actual comic book look with that pop of really vibrant colors in how these characters were portraye,” Rubeo said. “So, in that episode she was in that super, super read bodysuit with pink tights, and then Vision had that bright, bright lemon yellow color with super bright green and a very, very red face. It was like if you went to Comic-Con. They became very iconic, those two costumes, but they were so cheesy.”

    So where can fans find WandaVision Halloween costumes for this year? Ahead, we rounded up the highest quality and most affordable WandaVision Halloween costumes to dress up in this year and for Halloweens to come.

    WandaVision Halloween Costume

    Image: Cosplay FM.

    Want to wear Wanda’s exact Halloween costume from the “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!” episode of WandaVision? This Wanda Halloween costume comes with everything you need for a Marvel-ous holiday. The costume includes a red pleather bodysuit, a satin cloak, spandex gloves, boot covers and leggings, as well as a crown-like headpiece fit for a queen, er, witch. And if you’re worried that the costume will be too tight for a night of partying and drinking, the bodysuit is stretchy and breathable, while the red cloak is flowy and soft to the touch.

    Vision Halloween Costume

    Image: V-BestLee.

    For those who want a couples WandaVision costume, look no further than the exact costume Vision wore in WandaVision‘s Halloween episode. This Vision Halloween costume, which is also perfect for cosplaying, comes with a green Vision one-piece suit with a yellow diamond on the chest; a floor-length yellow cloak with a high-neck collar, long yellow gloves; and a headpiece complete with a mind stone at the center of Vision’s forehead. The costume is also machine washable for those who want to wear it for years to come.

    WandaVision Halloween Costume

    Image: HongChang.

    If you’re still not over the WandaVision finale, this Scarlet Witch Halloween costume is for you. The outfit, which is a replica of the Scarlet Witch outfit Wanda wears as she fights Agatha in the WandaVision finale, includes a top, a cloak, masks, gloves, a girdle and trousers. The outfit is made of composite leather, cotton, polyester and spandex leather and perfect for cosplaying and Halloween.

    WandaVision is available to stream on Disney+. Here’s how to watch it for free.

    Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

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    How you can get involved in Secondhand September 2021

  • Marie Claire is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy.

  • Join Sienna Miller to fight throwaway fashion – for good.

    You’ll likely have heard of Secondhand September, but do you know what the month-long initiative from Oxfam, this year is being fronted by actress Sienna Miller, actually entails or why it’s so important you get involved, if you can?

    All good questions. It’s a campaign from the charity to encourage others to shop secondhand for an entire month. That is, only buy vintage clothes or pre-loved items for the entire thirty days of September.

    Why’s it so important? Well, in short, because we’re facing a climate crisis and fast fashion is one of the major culprits. Clothes being produced in high volume and sold at a low cost has a huge carbon footprint and harms both people and planet. Fast fashion alone is thought to produce as much as 92 million tonnes of waste every year.

    That’s where Oxfam comes in with their secondhand initiative. “By shopping secondhand with Oxfam or donating to Oxfam shops, you’re investing your money in vital work beating poverty around the world,” explains Harriet Hernando, PR officer at Oxfam.

    “You’re also supporting people to speak out and stand up to the climate crisis and helping create a better fairer and greener future for everyone,” she continues.

    Keep scrolling for an expert-led guide to Secondhand September, what it is and how to get involved – oh, and don’t miss our guides to the best charity shops, best dress rental sites and best online vintage clothes stores, while you’re here.

    What is Secondhand September?

    According to Hernando, Secondhand September is, simply put, Oxfam’s campaign to celebrate shopping pre-loved.

    “It’s also to raise awareness about the harmful effects of fast fashion on our planet and the people who make our clothes,” she explains. “Oxfam wants to encourage people to think twice about their shopping habits, so we’re asking the public to only buy second hand for the month of September and to donate their pre-loved items to Oxfam.”

    When did Secondhand September begin? 

    A bit of history for you – the Secondhand September campaign is now in its third year, with more than 50,000 people sharing the #SecondHandSeptember hashtag on social media last year.

    “The Oxfam Online Shop saw more than 8,000 new shoppers and an uplift in sales of 46%,” explains Hernando. “People really embraced the campaign to wear second-hand and, in doing so, raised funds for Oxfam’s work beating poverty around the world.”

    See – sustainable living never looked so simple.

    How can I get involved? 

    It’s simple – anyone can get involved by following the three steps below:

    1. Donate

    Got some old clothes lying around that just don’t fit you anymore or may look better on someone else? Take them to your local Oxfam to do your bit.

    You can find your nearest Oxfam shop using the online shop finder tool on the Oxfam website.

    2. Shop

    Not got any clothes to donate but keen to invest in some pre-loved fashion? You can also shop from the comfort of your home on the Oxfam online shop, explains Hernando.

    3. Social

    If you do manage to grab a secondhand bargain, don’t forget to share your one-of-a-kind find using the #SecondHandSeptember hashtag and tagging @OxfamGB.

    That way, you help raise awareness of shopping more sustainably this September and in months to come, too.

    Secondhand September: a 2021 poster

    5 top tips for embracing Secondhand September: 

    1. Look online

    Most people don’t realise Oxfam has a whole secondhand site online, so if you’re shopping for something specific, try their site first.

    “You can filter to find a particular brand, style, colour to find what you’re looking for,” explains Hernando.

    2. Repair, repair, repair

    Instead of throwing damaged clothes away, why not try and fix them?

    “Missing buttons can be replaced and holes can be mended to get the most out of your clothes for longer,” the expert advises.

    3. Keep an eye out for secondhand pop up stores

    Looking for really special unique pieces? The pop up stores are the way to go.

    Oxfam has a pop up shop at London’s Selfridges from September 6th, with items curated by Bay Garnett. It’s bound to be a treasure trove of vintage and designer items – go, go, go.

    4. Try upcycling

    Ever considered upcycling clothes and refashioning them into something you need or love? “A cashmere jumper could become a cashmere beanie in no time,” explains Hernando.

    5. Organise your wardrobes seasonally 

    This one’s simple but seriously effective. “At the end of each season, try putting your clothes away in storage boxes and getting them out again the following year,” advises the expert. “You’ll be surprised how those clothes start to feel ‘new’ again after a little separation.”

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    2,500+ Photoshop Custom Shapes for Your Design Projects

    This page may include links to our sponsors or affiliate links. Learn more.

    What Are Photoshop Custom Shapes?

    Photoshop custom shapes are a preset (.csh file format) that allows you to add specific vector shapes instantly in Adobe Photoshop. Custom shapes can be saved or installed in Photoshop and then re-used to save time. Although they are called shapes, they do not have to be traditional shapes like squares and circles. You can create custom shapes for other things like decorative design elements, people, animals, badges, ribbons, etc.

    For graphic designers, custom shapes for Photoshop can prove to be a huge timesaver. Custom shapes are a preset similar to brushes, gradients, patterns, and layer styles. Select the custom shape tool and you’ll be able to start using them right away.

    Adobe Photoshop comes with a small selection of shapes pre-installed and you can download and install other sets of shapes, or create your own.

    Custom shapes are vectors, so they can be scaled to any size, making them extremely versatile. If there is a particular shape, object, or element that you re-use frequently, having it in custom shape format will save you a lot of time. You can also make use of shapes to avoid the need to design or create something from scratch.

    Thankfully, there are many quality sets of custom shapes that can be downloaded for free. We’ve searched high and low to find the best custom shapes available today, and we’ve compiled them here on this page especially for you.

    UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS: 50+ Million Add-Ons & Design Assets

    Photoshop Custom Shapes

    Here are some of our favorite packs of custom shapes you can download and start using today.

    iFlat Devices

    There are many situations when you might want to include a mobile device, laptop, or monitor in one of your designs. This set includes eight shapes that make it easy.

    iFlat Devices

    Clock Custom Shapes

    This is a huge set that gives you all kinds of options and possibilities. There are 16 different clock designs, and each one has 12 variations to show the clock at each hour. In total, there are 192 shapes in .csh and .eps format.

    Clock Custom Shapes

    Comic Book Shapes

    Use these comic book shapes for speech bubbles in your designs or as photo overlays. The pack includes a filled and outlined version for each shape in .csh, .eps, and .ai formats.

    Comic Book Shapes

    Event Ticket Shapes

    Easily create event tickets in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator with this set. You’ll get it in .csh and .eps format for greater versatility.

    Event Ticket Shapes

    Gift Labels and Price Tags

    Create custom tags and labels by using these shapes as a starting point. They come in .csh and .eps format to use in Photoshop or Illustrator.

    Gift Labels and Price Tags

    Tag Crafts Shapes

    This big set of crafty shapes comes in several different formats including Photoshop custom shapes (.csh). With the variety provided in this set, you’ll be able to use these shapes in many different designs.

    Tag Crafts Shapes

    Yummy Badge Shapes

    This set of shapes is perfect for quickly creating awesome badges to incorporate in your projects. The shapes come in .csh, .psd, and .eps format.

    Yummy Badges


    Ribbons are useful for a wide range of designs and purposes. Use this set to instantly create beautiful ribbons and then add your own text. They come in .csh and .psd formats.


    Retro Frames

    These decorative frames include a dashed inner border and they’re perfect for quickly creating frames that can be used in your own work.

    Retro Frames

    Tribal Shapes

    These tribal shapes are perfect for adding decorative elements to your work. With many options to choose from, you’ll be able to get a custom look without dedicating time to designing the tribal elements. They come in .csh, .ai, and .eps formats.

    Tribal Shapes


    Corners can be useful for subtly decorating your designs or photos, and this pack provides an excellent variety to choose from whenever you need a corner. The corners come in .csh and .psd format.


    Floral Corners

    Here are some more corners, but these feature intricate floral designs. When you’re after an elegant look, these corners are an excellent choice. They come in .csh and .psd format.

    Floral Corners

    Tech Shapes

    These tech shapes are perfect for implementing within your designs, in the right situation. Save time and create a genuine tech-inspired look. The pack includes 30 shapes in .csh format.

    Tech Shapes

    Decorative Dividers

    These dividers will prove to be useful in many different projects. Rather than a boring line, they provide some style and class while still serving a specific function. They come in .csh and .psd format.

    Decorative Dividers

    Baby Illustrations

    This set of 43 shapes is perfect for use in baby-related designs, or as overlays for maternity and newborn photos. They come in .csh and .psd formats.

    Baby Illustrations


    Floral elements are often used in graphic design, and by having access to this massive collection of 200 shapes, you’ll be able to add flower shapes any time you want, without the need to design one from scratch. They come in .csh, .psd, .ai, and .eps formats.


    Abstract Flower Shapes

    Here are more flower shapes, but this pack includes abstract shapes. Having access to this collection gives you even more versatility for your design projects. They come in .csh, .ai, and .eps formats.

    Abstract Flower Shapes

    Flower Craft Shapes

    You’ll love this huge set of floral shapes. They bring a lot of fun to your designs and come in several different formats, including .csh.

    Flower Craft Shapes

    Easter Shapes

    Are you working on a spring or Easter-themed design? If so, this big collection is sure to save you time. There are a variety of shapes for eggs, bunnies, baskets, crosses, and other things that are associated with Easter. They come in .csh, .psd, .ai, and .eps formats.

    Easter Shapes

    Christmas Shapes

    This set of 15 shapes is ideal for decorating your Christmas designs and photos. They come in .csh and .psd format for easy use in Adobe Photoshop.

    Christmas Shapes

    Snowflake Shapes

    No two snowflakes are the same, and with this big set of 50 snowflake shapes, you’ll be able to include a wide variety of original snowflakes in your designs. They come in .csh, .psd, .ai, and .eps formats.

    Snowflake Shapes

    Heart shapes can be useful for a lot of purposes, include Valentine’s Day designs and themes. This set gives you 90 different hearts to choose from.

    Heart Shapes

    Whimsical Hearts

    If the selection above isn’t enough, here are some fun, whimsical hearts that will give your designs a custom look.

    Whimsical Hearts

    Halloween Shapes

    This set of 30 shapes is perfect for your spooky Halloween designs. They come in .csh, .psd, .ai, .eps, and .png formats.

    Halloween Shapes

    The Best Free Photoshop Custom Shapes

    You’ll find shapes that are silhouettes of people, animals, objects, decorative elements, and much more.

    Laurels and Calligraphy Shapes

    My favorite pack of free custom shapes for Photoshop, this one includes a total of 65 different elements that will prove to be extremely useful for your web and graphic design projects.


    Kiddy Stuffs

    With this large pack of 72 Photoshop custom shapes, you’ll be able to add a wide variety of elements to your designs, from hand-drawn elements to other shapes that would be useful in kid-friendly designs.

    Kiddy Stuffs

    People Silhouettes

    This pack includes 60 different shapes that feature people. There are shapes of people walking and standing.



    Add your choice of 8 different skateboarders with the help of this free pack.



    With the help of this free set, you can add silhouettes of basketball players to your designs instantly. There are 36 different options included.


    Fashion Silhouettes

    Use this set of 29 fashion silhouettes to add a variety of different poses to your designs.

    Robots and Spaceships

    We think you’ll love this set of 15 shapes of robots and spaceships. The rocket shape is especially awesome.



    This pack includes 12 house silhouettes of different sizes.

    House Silhouettes


    With these 15 different flames shapes at your disposal, you’ll be able to add awesome elements to your designs with almost no effort.

    Fancy Vector Art Shapes

    Download this set of 10 shapes and you’ll be able to add a variety of decorative designs very easily.

    Vector Art

    Tag Custom Shapes

    This set includes five tags that could be used in many different ways.

    Badges and Shields

    You’ll find this set of 15 badge and shield shapes to come in very handy. These are the types of shapes that get used frequently and having the custom shapes already in Photoshop will save you a lot of time.

    Badges and Shields

    Simple Banners

    This set of 10 banners and ribbons is perfect for easily adding decorative elements to your designs.

    Simple Banners

    Stars Vol. 1

    This massive collection of 300 shapes will give you just about any type of star you can imagine.


    Stars Vol. 2

    The 200 shapes in this pack are more like sunbursts and swirls than standard stars, but they can be equally useful.


    Stars Vol. 3

    This 3rd pack includes another 200 star shapes to give you even more options.

    Stars 3


    This pack includes 51 different custom shapes that you can use to add decorative ornaments to your design.


    Ornaments 2

    This volume is a follow-up with an additional 65 ornaments. Some of the shapes in this pack are more intricate and detailed compared to the first pack.


    Splat Shapes

    You’ll get 8 custom shapes created from paint splatters by downloading this free pack.



    Get 24 different types and styles of snowflakes with this free set. No two snowflakes are the same, and with this set you’ll get plenty of variety to use different shapes.


    Sun Shapes

    With this free pack you’ll have 31 different sun styles and shapes that can be inserted to your designs in Photoshop.

    Sun Shapes


    Looking for a ribbon that could be used in Photoshop? This set includes three custom shapes. All three are pretty similar with only minor differences.

    Live Trees

    Use this collection of 21 shapes to add a variety of different types of trees within your designs.

    Live Trees

    Dead Trees

    Here you’ll find 24 different shapes of dead trees, as opposed to the live trees above.

    Dead Trees

    Dead Trees II

    In case the previous set didn’t give you what you’re looking for, here are another 24 dead tree silhouettes from the same designer.

    Dead Trees

    Winter Trees

    This pack offers 18 leafless winter trees that will add some variety to the trees from the previous packs.

    Winter Trees


    Download this free set of Photoshop custom shapes to be able to quickly and easily add animal silhouettes to your designs. The pack includes 20 different animals to give you plenty of variety.



    Easily add birds to your nature-inspired designs with these 12 custom shapes. Most include a single bird but there are two options that include multiple birds.


    Flying Bugs

    This set of 21 shapes includes butterflies and insects. The edges are intentionally a bit rough and textured in places, which adds some character to the design.

    Flying Bugs


    Here you’ll get 20 shapes of insects and different types of bugs.


    Sea Creatures

    This is probably the best set of Photoshop custom shapes that you’ll find for sea animals and creatures. By downloading the set you’ll get 27 different shapes to include in your arsenal.

    Sea Creatures


    This set of 12 shapes includes some fish and sea animals as well as boats and other sea-related shapes.



    With this free pack, you’ll get a total of 27 custom shapes (not all of them are shown in the image below) that include ships, submarines, an anchor, and skulls.



    Download the aircraft custom shapes and you’ll be able to add a variety of jets, planes, and helicopters to your designs. There is even a shape for a hot air balloon. There are 21 total shapes in this set.


    WW2 Planes

    While the previous set includes shapes for modern aircraft, this pack gives you ten shapes from World War 2 era planes.

    WW2 Planes


    There could be many scenarios where it would be helpful to have map shapes that could be easily used in Photoshop. This free set includes 3 shapes: a full world map, a US map, and a UK map.

    Why Use Photoshop Shapes?

    As vector-based objects, shapes can be scaled to any size without losing sharpness or clarity. All you need to do is select the shape and adjust the size with the transform tool.

    Aside from the advantage of scalability, shapes also can be added to your designs very quickly. Rather than trying to create or design something from scratch, you can simply use the custom shape tool and drag to insert the object into your design or document. You can also use the same elements repeatedly. For example, you might use a common shape like a checkmark in several different projects.

    How to Create a Custom Shape

    While we’ve showcased a few thousand shapes you can download, it’s also possible to create your own shapes. There are plenty of situations where it may be useful or helpful to be able to save a shape.

    Since Photoshop shapes do not include detail (they are simply black & white silhouettes), the first step is to create a silhouette for the shape you want to save. There are a few ways of doing this:

    • Draw the shape in Photoshop
    • Sketch it on paper, then scan it and open it in Photoshop
    • Start with a photo and edit the photo to create a silhouette shape

    If you’re working with a photo, you can create a new layer and use the pen tool to trace the shape of the object. To remove areas inside the silhouette, use the pen tool to create paths and then remove those areas.

    Alternatively, you could use the magic wand tool to create the shape from the object in a photo.

    If you’re sketching on paper and scanning it, you’ll need to touch up the image once it is in Photoshop. Use levels to get the light areas completely white and the dark areas black. Whatever is black will be saved as the shape.

    When you’re ready to save, use the menu to go to Edit > Define Custom Shape. You’ll be prompted to give the shape a name and save it.

    How to Use Custom Shapes

    When you’re ready to insert a shape into a design, regardless of whether it’s a shape you created or downloaded and installed, the process is the same. First, select the custom shapes tool in the tool palette, find the one you want to use and select it by clicking on it. Click your mouse somewhere in your document and drag to determine the size of the shape. Don’t worry about being precise, you can easily resize the shape and move it after it has been added to the document. The shape will use the active foreground color. You can either set the foreground color before adding the shape or change the color once the shape is in the document.

    How to Edit Shapes

    Once custom shapes have been added to the document in Photoshop, they can be edited and manipulated just like other vector shapes created like rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ellipses.

    To change color, go to the layers panel and double click on the thumbnail for the shape layer. The color picker will open and you’ll be able to select the color you want.

    To move or resize the shape, you the free transform tool. Use the keyboard shortcut control/command + T to activate the tool. With the tool activated, drag on the boxes to resize the shape smaller or larger. By default, the aspect ratio will be kept the same. If you want to adjust width or height without adjusting the other, hold down the shift key while adjusting the box.

    Custom Shapes Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Get Custom Shapes?

    A small selection of shapes comes pre-installed with Photoshop (like arrows, checkmarks, and more). You can also download sets of shapes or create your own. To save your own shapes, go to Edit > Define Custom Shape.

    How Do I Install Custom Shapes in Photoshop?

    If you have Photoshop open, all you need to do is double click on the CSH file and it will be automatically installed. To use the shapes, go to the Custom Shapes Tool (keyboard shortcut ‘U’). Go to Window > Shapes in the dropdown menu to show the shapes palette when you’re working. You’ll see the installed shapes by folder. Select the custom shape tool whenever you’re ready to insert one into your design.

    What Are the Limitations of Photoshop Custom Shapes?

    Because they are vector shapes, they will not include high levels of detail. Brush presets would be a more appropriate way to save detailed designs. Shapes are often silhouettes and other simple designs.